Bad credit Mortgages ?

We have mortgage lenders that IGNORE credit scores!

Can I get a mortgage with an IVA

Are bad credit mortgages available ?

YES you CAN !  we help people every month - with low credit scores get the mortgage they need. 

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  • Bad credit Mortgages Typically 70% - 75% available
  • Bad credit Plus adverse Typically 65% mortgages available
  • Do you Earn more than £20,000 a year ?
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So you can Trust us to deliver ! - we have 15 Years experience in this area and have a 98% successful completion rate !

Finally someone - who knew what they were talking about when i asked - Can i get a mortgage with a bad credit score?

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  • First of all - We will search the "whole of market" - including bad credit mortgages deals you can't get direct.
  • We will give you expert advice and ongoing support throughout the whole process.
  • We get your mortgage approved in principle by the lender - so your deal is credit checked before you incur any costs
  • We take care of all the heavy paperwork and running around.
  • Finally - We will clearly explain the mortgage including any fees and charges, before you apply

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“Hi ! do you Need Help with finding bad credit Mortgages ?”

Bad Credit mortgages are starting to reappear on the UK streets again.  So How about some friendly, no obligation,  clear advice on what you CAN  and cant get !  – It appears there’s a bit of confusion out there in terms of some brokers saying you cant get a  deal and others quoting silly low rates with High st lenders for deals you would never get.

Bad credit ?  - we're happy to help !

Firstly we have lenders that will ignore credit scores completely and just do a credit search to make sure you arent bankrupt or have any recent bad credit like mortgage arrears.

So REST assured ! – We will  treat your enquiry strictly confidential,   we are experienced in handling these types of IVA mortgages  with OVER 15 YEARS direct hands on experience – and we know who WILL and won’t lend  – In addition we have a 98% success rate of application to completion !

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where can i get bad Credit Mortgages ?

Firstly when you are looking for bad credit mortgages, you need to understand that not all mortgage lenders will want to lend.  Many are high street lenders for a reason, they deal with large volume , low risk mortgage  deals and as such dont want to lend to people with bad credit scores.   But there are over 60 uk Mortgage lenders now and a few will issue what we tern=m bad credit mortgages, many lenders like to call it their credit repair mortgage range or light adverse range.  But this niche market does mean that lenders are starting to issue bad credit mortgage deals.

Be realistic with bad credit mortgage expectations

Secondly, however  - you need to be realistic when looking for a bad credit mortgages, expect to have to put in at least 25% deposit, and dont expect any mortgage lender to want to lend until the bad credit history shows at least a 6 to 12 month period of calmness, where all bills and direct debits have been maintained.

Therefore mortgage lenders that will consider bad credit scores, do need to know you are now back in control of your finances and meeting all your monthly bills before they can lend you more debt  ie the new mortgage.  Equally they expect to be paid each month, and they arent going to lend if you dont show you have control over your finances.


how do i get a mortgage with a bad credit score  !

Prove the bad credit history is behind you !

So Make sure you have paid any and ALL direct debits for at least the last 6 months prefereably last 12 months in order to get a better deal on a bad credit mortgage.  Expect to pay slightly higher rates, but this can often be offset by extending the mortgage term, and let's face it you're only going to have the mortgage with the bad credit mortgage lender for 1 - 2 years at which point you would remortgage back into high street lenders deals.


Bad Credit mortgages

Furthermore In terms of where to get bad credit mortgages, then that's when you need to use someone like a specialist mortgage broker , that knows the market, can see behind all the lenders systems and read the underwriters guides to mortgage lending criteria so they know who will and won't lend when it comes to bad credit mortgages.

Can I get a mortgage with an IVA

Where Can I get a Mortgage with bad credit ? - thats easy  just apply to us and we will check it all out for you !

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