Can I get a mortgage to clear IVA ?

Discover how we have helped loads of people with current or recent IVA's get the mortgage deal they needed.

Can I get a mortgage with an IVA

Can i get a mortgage to clear IVA?

YES you CAN !  Trust us to deliver ! - we help people every month - with current or recent IVA's get the mortgage they need.  JUST Look at our REVIEWS below;

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  • IVA Current Typically 70% - 75% mortgages available
  • IVA Cleared 3yrs+ Typically 75% - 90% mortgages available
  • Do you Earn more than £20,000 a year ?
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At last someone - who knew what they were talking about when i asked - Can i get a mortgage to clear IVA?

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  • First of all - We will search the "whole of market" - including mortgage deals you can't get direct.
  • We will give you expert advice and ongoing support throughout the whole process.
  • We get your mortgage approved in principle by the lender - so your deal is credit checked before you incur any costs
  • We take care of all the heavy paperwork and running around.
  • Finally - We will clearly explain the mortgage including any fees and charges, before you apply

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Don’t believe us !   Well we only get paid on successful completion – so it’s in our interest to make sure you get that mortgage deal !

“Hi ! do you Need Help with getting a mortgage to clear an IVA?”

Firstly  if you need some Help with getting a mortgage to clear an IVA then talk to us we can certainly have a chat with you about what can and cant be done. Get some friendly, no obligation,  clear advice on what you CAN  and cant get !  – It appears there’s a bit of confusion out there in terms of some brokers saying you cant get a  deal and others quoting silly low rates with High st lenders for deals you would never get.

So REST assured ! – We will  treat your enquiry strictly confidential,   we are experienced in handling these types of IVA mortgages  with OVER 15 YEARS direct hands on experience – and we know who WILL and won’t lend  – In addition we have a 98% success rate of application to completion !

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  • Ask us anything ( about mortgages,  we’re not great at much else ! )
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Can I get a mortgage with an IVA

Can i get a mortgage to clear IVA ?

What if I’m looking to close my IVA at the same time as moving house?

Okay that is possible, although we would always suggest that you close the IVA first and then look to move,  but if your money to clear the iva is within the equity of your current property, then of course you have to do it all in one go.  Firstly make sure your IVA supervisor has agreed to their actual settlement, as we have seen cases where the IVA supervisor has taken months to agree to things and people have then lost out on potential buyers and new properties as a result.    Once you know the figure the IVA can be settled for then you can start seeking Mortgage help after an IVA, as it will be classed as completed upon the sale of the property.

Getting a mortgage to clear the iva in full and final settlement is something that we often help with.


What if I need mortgage help to close the IVA ?

We can help there as well, of course the advisor would be entitled to charge a small admin fee, for helping draft any settlement offers to an IVA company, but as this can often save you Thousands £££’s   it is often cheaper to seek the advice before speaking with your IVA company.


IVA Mortgage:

  • The term IVA mortgage is used to refer to; the process of taking out a remortgage in order to meet the final payment as arranged in the agreement. In other words, this is an IVA remortgage.
  • IVA mortgage can also mean applying for a mortgage while within an IVA or having had one recently, this may also be refered to as; mortgage with IVA.


Can I get a Mortgage with an IVA ? - Probably YES !

Where can i get a mortgage to clear IVA? - thats easy  just apply to us and we will check it all out for you !

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