IVA Mortgage Lenders who will lend ?

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Can I get a mortgage with an IVA

Are there any IVA Mortgage Lenders who will lend ?

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IVA Mortgage Lenders who will lend ? Just ask us, the names of the lenders are all UK regulated banks and building societies

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Can I get a mortgage with an IVA

IVA Mortgage Lenders who will lend ?

Looking for a mortgage lender that will lend after an IVA?

Finding a mortgage lender that will give you a mortgage after an IVA can be quite tough.  It’s disappointing that many of the high street banks and building societies wont lend to someone who has cleared their IVA , often until 3 years has passed from the IVA being cleared.

Unlike bankruptcy, you can get mortgage or remortgage your home, whether you are in an IVA or have previously been in one. If you want a mortgage with a current IVA perhaps as part of the 4th year settlement -, then please get in touch as they need careful handling to ensure they complete swiftly and successfully.

Typically a  IVA Mortgage lender will be cautious about what amount they will lend,  you can forget trying to get 6 x income multiple,  IVA mortgage lenders are much more cautious as they want to quite rightly make sure you don’t end up overstretching yourself again, and end up right back where you started.  They will look for you to have around 20% – 30% deposit and typically  the IVA Mortgage Lender will want to see you in stable employment for at least 12 months in the same role, or very very stable self employment preferably for 2 – 3 years so that they can see the income is from an established business source.

Its a pity that what the IVA and debt management companies dont really advertise too much – is the impact of the IVA on your ability to get credit going forwards.  Okay  they may well mentioned that getting credit will be more difficult, and many people are backed into a corner and have to take out an IVA to save themselves at that time. We have a lot of people when they are applying to us for a Mortgage after they have cleared the IVA,  saying they made the wrong decision to go into the IVA and didn’t realise how much impact it would have on them getting a mortgage whilst wither still in the IVA or even several years after the IVA was cleared.

IVA Mortgage:

  • The term IVA mortgage is used to refer to; the process of taking out a remortgage in order to meet the final payment as arranged in the agreement. In other words, this is an IVA remortgage.
  • IVA mortgage can also mean applying for a mortgage while within an IVA or having had one recently, this may also be refered to as; mortgage with IVA.


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