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Can I get a mortgage with an IVA

Are low credit score mortgages available ?

YES you CAN !  Trust us to deliver ! - we help people every month - with low credit scores get the mortgage they need.  JUST Look at our REVIEWS below;

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  • Low credit score Mortgages Typically 70% - 75% available
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How about some friendly, no obligation,  clear advice on what you CAN  and cant get !  – It appears there’s a bit of confusion out there in terms of some brokers saying you cant get a  deal and others quoting silly low rates with High st lenders for deals you would never get.

Firstly we have lenders that will ignore credit scores completely and just do a credit search to make sure you arent bankrupt or have any recent bad credit like mortgage arrears.

So REST assured ! – We will  treat your enquiry strictly confidential,   we are experienced in handling these types of IVA mortgages  with OVER 15 YEARS direct hands on experience – and we know who WILL and won’t lend  – In addition we have a 98% success rate of application to completion !

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Can I get a mortgage with an IVA

where can i get Low Credit Score Mortgages ?

Credit scoring is something that 80% of mortgage lenders in the UK use to determine their risk of lending, ie  based on your credit score how likely are you to pay the mortgage each month.  Now thats fine if your credit score is in the good to high ranges, but if you have a low credit score and need a mortgage its not very helfpul at all.


Thats wehere you need to turn to mortgage lenders that ignore credit scores and just simply do a manual check that you are financially stable and dont have a oending bankruptcy etc.  Yes  ok the downside is that they may restrict mortgages to around 75%, so you'd need a 25% deposit, but thats to ensure you have some skin in the game' and are going to be very unlikey to not pay the mortgage each month, as you wont want to lose your own cash / equity.

Finally  - yes low credit score mortgages do mean that you might also end up paying 1 or 2% more than standard high street rates, - but taklk to a mortgage advisor and see how much that really works out to as terms can always be extended to reduce mortgage costs.


so if you have a low credit score  YES there are mortgage lenders that will lend and ignore the credit score.


Consequently it's annoying that just becasue your credit score is low it prevents you from accessing many high street lenders deals. And after a few mortgage lenders and banks have declined your mortgage - it can be hard knowing where to turn for help.



how do i get a mortgage witha  low credit score  !

Where Can I get a Mortgage with an IVA ? - thats easy  just apply to us and we will check it all out for you !

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